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An Optimum Concentrated Blend for Enhanced Immunity, Improved FCR and Daily Weight Gain in Fingerlings


FRYCARE improves main productive parameters, for obtaining shorter production cycles and is an effective additive to control opportunistic bacteria and bacterial infections thereby increasing the survival rate during the productive phase, with significant reduction in healthcare costs.


  • Improving intestinal health, favoring the proper
  • development of the intestinal villi and the saprophytic flora
  • Acts as an excellent immunostimulant, making fingerlings more resistant against bacterial aggression
  • Acts as an effective growth promoter
  • Improved nutrients absorption
  • No withdrawal period


  • Inhibiting the growth of harmful and pathogenic microorganisms
  • Improving weight gain
  • Improving growth rate and growth performance
  • Improving feed consumption and feed efficiency
  • Preventing the bacterial disease


Fry Period: 7 to 10g/Kg of feed

Fattening Period: 5 to 7g/Kg of feed or as recommended by an Aquaculture Expert                              


Take the required amount of FRYCARE and mix it with the binder to make premix then mix it with the feed.


500 gm of HDPE Jar