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Unique & Optimally Potentiated Non - Antibiotic Growth & Immunity Enhancer


Nagrowall is an optimized combination of MOS, Beta Glucans, Nucleotides & Nucleosides. A Natural GMO - Free additive and a source of Free Nucleotides and Nucleosides, which are obtaained from the fermentation of selected strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae  ethanol yeast, using a process that stimulates cell breakdown and RNA digestion, through endogenous and exogenous enzymes.

Nagrowall offers following benefits:

High concentration of B-glucans, which acts as immunostimulant and activities the innate immune system.

Optimal concentrations of mannans enable to bind the pathogens in the gut and restrict them from colonizing.

High concentration of the digestible protein (up to 38%) enebles the aquatic animal to grow faster with improved FCR..

Recommended Usage Levels:

During Stress: 

Shrimp : 15 to 20 gm/kg of feed

Fish: 10 to 13 gm/ kg of feed

Regular usage:

Shrimp: 10 to 12 gm/kg of feed

Fish: 5 to 10 gm/kg of feed