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Thorough Cleanup

Cleanup strategy

  • Involves decisively suppressing coccidiosis infection pressure in broilers by using a chemical anticoccidial, which reduces oocyst shedding to a minimum level compared to ionophore anticoccidials
  • Quick method of reducing the levels of Eimeria infections to boost performance and prevent occurrence of clinical coccidiosis
  • Allows ionophore anicoccidials to rest and thus to "re-sensitise" coccidia, thereby increasing the efficacy of ionphores used in future anticoccidial preventive programmes in broilers
  • Reduces the level of potentially (cross) resistant parasites and therefore slows down the selection towards resistant and tolerant strains
  • Synthetic or Chemical anticoccidials are very effective in thoroughly
    cleaning-up of oocysts from broiler flocks compared to ionophore anticoccidials

ROBECOX 100 Thorough Cleanup

ROBECOX 100 is an ideal and effective clean-up anticoccidial to be used in programmes designed to prevent clinical and sub-clinical coccidiosis because;

  • It has potent and broad spectrum anticoccidial activity
  • It has a unique chemical structure which prevents cross resistance with other anticoccidial molecules

Shuttle Cleanup Programme

ROBECOX 100 shuttle clean-up programme needs to be followed for a minimum of 2 starter periods in 1 cycle on every farm to realize a good clean-up of the flocks.

At Farm level : ROBECOX 100 should be used in starter feed until day 14 to 21 for a period of 3 months to cover 2 starter periods on every farm.


  • Salient Features: Highly potent and effective chemical/synthetic anticoccidial for controlling all species of Eimeria affecting poultry and even strains which are resistant to other chemical or ionophore anticoccidial molecules
  • Superior reduction of lesion score compared to other chemicals Due to the action of ROBECOX 100 in 2 different stages of the coccidial life cycle, the reduction of lesion score is much better compared to other chemicals like diclazuril
  • Less risk of necrotic enteritis
  • Coccidiosis is a major predisposing factor for necrotic enteritis and other sub-clinical conditions caused by Clostridium perfringens. It enhances the susceptibility of the gut wall for invasion by Clostridium perfringens.
  • Superior control of coccidiosis using ROBECOX 100 lessens the risk of necrotic enteritis and other enteric disorders.
  • Ideal for use as clean-up in full and shuttle anticoccidial programmes
  • Re-sensitises coccidia and hence renews the effectiveness of ionophores in future anticoccidial prevention programmes
  • Reliable and safe to use
  • Excellent stability during feed processing and storage
  • Accurate dosing due to less loss of active ingredient
  • Optimal availability for the bird due to homogenous distribution of the product in feed
  • Reduced need for flushing due to limited carry-over/contamination

Recommended Usage :

  • Mix ROBECOX 100 at a level of 330 grams to 500 grams per metric tonne of feed


  • 25 kg multi - layered bag