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Powerful and Proven Biocide and Deodorant


BENZATEC BR20 is an innovative combination of ADBAB - 20% and Cinnamaldehyde - 1%, potentiated with suitable stabilizers & activators.


• ADBAB : A cationic surfactant, which works by denaturing the proteins of the bacterial or fungal     cells, affecting the metabolic reactions of the cells and causing vital substances to leak out, thereby   causing death.

• Cinnamaldehyde : A phyto-compound, which has potent antibacterial properties against the most     common bacterial pathogens affecting fish & shrimps. It is an effective fungicide and also has   immunomodulatory functions, which help to prevent the occurrence of diseases.


• Daily water disinfection.

• Prevention & control of bacterial, fungal, protozoal and algal infections in aquaculture ponds.

• Prevention & control of antenna rot, tail rot, gill rot, red gill, fin rot & muscle necrosis in prawns & shrimps.


• Pond water disinfection: 250 ml - 500 ml per acre per meter water depth. or as advised by an Aquaculture Consultant.


1 Litre & 5 Litres