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An Innovative & Optimized Blend of Active Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins, Amino acids, Buffer, VFAs, Ionophore & Yeast, which helps to maintain normal calcium levels in ruminants during both pre-calving and post calving periods


• Ensures rapid & efficient absorption of calcium, enhances serum calcium level within 15 min. of oral administration and maintains serum calcium level longer than I/V calcium therapy

• Provides 5 times more calcium than I/V calcium injection

• Prevents milk fever & associated complications

• Increases milk yield, favours normal contraction of the uterus, normal calving and timely expulsion of the placenta

• Highly useful in prolapse cases

Recommended Usage:

• Administer 300 ml squeezable bottle per day for 10 days continuously before calving & another 300 ml squeezable bottle per day for 10 days continuously after calving

. • If milk fever develops after calving, administer another bottle of 300 ml squeezable bottle st within 24 hours of the 1 dose, along with regular treatment for milk fever to provide supplemental oral calcium.

• Do not exceed 2 doses within 24 hours except on the advice of a veterinarian.

• The total requirement may vary according to the condition of the animal.

Usage Directions:

• Unscrew the cap of the bottle to open & remove the induction seal completely.     

 • Secure the animal’s head in an elevated position.

• Place the unsealed nozzle of the bottle on one side of the mouth. 

• Administer the entire contents into the mouth by slowly squeezing from the bottom side of the bottle.


300 ml squeezable bottle