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Broad Spectrum Bactericidal Drug for Poultry and Livestock


Sulphadiazine I.P     : 10% w/w

Trimethoprim I.P       : 2% w/w


SULTRIVET is a bactericidal drug and is effective against most of the bacterial infections of poultry and livestock

Poultry: CRD, CCRD, Bacillary White Diarrhoea, Early Chick Mortality, Colibacillosis, Coccidiosis, Infectious Coryza, etc.

Cattle, Sheep and Goats: Haemorrhagic septicaemia, respiratory tract infections, etc.

Administration and Dosage:

Poultry: 1 gram per litre of drinking water for 3-5 days or as advised by the Consultant depending upon the severity of infection

Cattle, Sheep and Goats: 125 mg per kg body weight per day through drinking water in divided doses or through feed as an electuary for 3-5 days or as advised by the Registered Veterinary Practitioner

Withdrawal Periods:

Meat & Egg– 12 days

Milk – 4 days


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