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The Unmatched solution for Optimizing Dissolved Oxygen Levels


Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is the most critical component in aquaculture ponds as Oxygen is vital for growth & production through its direct effect on feed consumed, metabolism, etc and it has an indirect impact on environmental conditions. Hence, it is important to continuously maintain DO at optimal levels of above 3.5 ppm through external use of compounds which can break down and release oxygen.

Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate is a combination of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide and generates dissolved oxygen in presence of water

Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes critical cellular components of unicellular microorganisms such as algae, moss, liverworts, slime molds and their spores consequently killing the target organisms. Hydrogen peroxide is ultimately broken down in to water and oxygen whereas sodium carbonate disassociates in to sodium and carbonate in water and the carbonate ions consequently react with water forming bicarbonate and hydroxide until equilibrium is achieved, making the pond environment healthy for aquatic life.


  • Ensures a steady supply of dissolved oxygen thereby reducing the stress of fluctuating oxygen levels
  • Adsorbs noxious gases at the pond bottom
  • Helps aquatic species and aerobic bacteria to reduce organic load
  • Does not involve in the biochemical activities of the pond and leaves no residues.
  • Aquatic animals can be harvested even immediately after administration of this product.
  • Non-toxic to animals, plants & humans and environment friendly


  • Releases large quantity of oxygen instantly into the water when applied
  • Improves water quality, absorbs and degrades organics in water
  • Removes ammonia nitrogen, Hydrogen sulphide and algae toxins


Sprinkle DISSOX™ powder directly into the pond, depending on the water conditions.

Regular application          : 1 – 2 kg per acre of pond water

Low Dissolved Oxygen      : 2 – 3 kg per acre of pond water

During transportation       : 3 g per cubic metre of water or as advised by aquaculture consultant


1 Kg & 5 Kg Aluminum foil sachets