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A phytobiotic additive with growth enhancing & hepato-protective effect consisting of protected organic acids, essential oils, plant extracts & unique flavouring


The acidifying action of the protected organic acids in the intestine of fish & shrimps results in better and improved digestibility which favours a number of intestinal microorganisms against pathogens.

SYNGROMIX also consists of a highly efficient liver protector to improve the hepatic activity along the production cycle, avoiding fatty degeneration of the liver and fat accumulation in the hepatocytes.


  • Improves the intestinal health
  • Improves feed digestibility and nutrient absorption
  • Reduces mortality
  • Improves FCR & daily weight gain
  • Maintains bacteriostatic & bactericidal effect against bacteria


SYNGROMIX can be incorporated in the feed from the fingerling period in Fish and PL stages in Shrimps and Prawns till the end of growing phase or till harvesting the crop.

Shrimps: 10 to 15 gram per kg of feed

Fish : 7 to 10 gram per kg of feed

To be given daily on continuous basis or as recommended by an Aquaculture Expert

For better results, the required quantity of SYNGROMIX should be mixed in the feed along with feed Probiotics & binder


1 Kg HDPE Container