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An exceptional aqua phytobiotic developed to improve survival & growth & to prevent bacterial infections, consisting of protected vegetable extracts, protected organic acids & short chain fatty acids


VIBROCID has been developed primarily to prevent and control bacterial infections caused

by Gram positive and Gram negative organisms, especially caused by Vibrio spp.

It also improves the survival rate and reduces mortality due to its bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects in Shrimps and Prawns.

Vibriosis is a bacterial disease responsible for mortality of cultured shrimp worldwide and is widely distributed in culture ponds. Vibrio species are part of the natural micro-flora of wild & cultured shrimps and become opportunistic pathogens when natural defense mechanisms are suppressed causing heavy mortality & enormous economic losses due to luminescent bacterial disease. Vibrio spp related infections frequently occur in hatcheries, but epizootics also commonly occur in pond reared shrimp species. The outbreaks may occur when environmental factors trigger the rapid multiplication of bacteria already tolerated at low levels within shrimp blood or by bacterial penetration of host barriers. The exoskeleton provides an effective physical barrier to pathogens trying to penetrate the external surface of crustaceans, as well as the foregut and hindgut. However, Vibrio spp are among the chitinoclastic bacteria associated with shell disease and may enter through wounds in the exoskeleton or pores.


  • Improves feed digestibility
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Improves FCR & daily growth rate
  • Controls and reduces mortality due to viral & bacterial infections especially Vibrio spp
  • Maintains bacteriostatic & bactericidal effect against gram positive and gram negative bacteria


Both in Commercial Ponds & Hatchery:

Prevention          : 10 to 15 gram per kg of feed

Control                : 15 to 20 gram per kg of feed (During high risk of Vibrio spp) daily on a continuous basis or as recommended by an Aquaculture Expert


Administration of soil & water Probiotics once a week is recommended during the feeding course of VIBROCID for improving pond water quality


1 Kg HDPE Container