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A Complete Solution for Dissolved Oxygen              


DISSOX FLA is a combination of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide provides optimum solution for dissolved oxygen levels in aquaculture pond


  • Generates dissolved oxygen fast and long acting
  • Reaches pond bottom quickly & makes pond bottom aerobic
  • Aerobic condition generated by Dissox FLA will suppress the harmful anaerobic bacteria
  • It also helps the denitrifying bacteria to reduce nitrite by changing favourable condition                                
  • Helps to reduce organic load                                                         
  • Ensures steady supply of dissolved oxygen
  • Reduces stress due to fluctuating oxygen levels
  • Does not involve in any biochemical activity
  • Leaves no residues
  • No withdrawal period
  • Non toxic for all living beings
  • Easy to apply in the ponds                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

DISSOX FLA is recommended for:

  • Immediate release of optimum quantity of oxygen when applied
  • Prevention of floating head in fish and prawn
  • Improving the water quality
  • Absorption & degradation of organics in water
  • Removing ammonia nitrogen
  • Removing sulphurated hydrogen & algal toxins                    


  • Do not dilute in water before spreading
  • Do not allow contact with water before spreading the tablets in to pond


Apply DISSOX FLA Tablets directly into the pond, depending on the water conditions.

  • For regular application: 1-2 kg/acre of pond (1 Kg = 1000 no. of Dissox FLA Tablets)
  • In case of oxygen depletion: 2-3 kg/acre of pond
  • During Transportation: 3 g per 1 m3 water


HDPE Container of 1 Kg