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ORBIGEL is a specially blended feed binder with feed attractant properties. With excellent binding properties ORBIGEL can be used effectively for binding powder form feed additives in the pelleted feeds to achieve desired growth, improved F,C.R and to prevent stress and diseases in aqua ponds. ORRICE is a stable and bio-available gel, enriched with antioxidant, designed to at-tract shrimp and fish for optimized feed intake and with its multi-component pellet feed binder speciality ORBIGEL is also cost-effective.


  • Maximizes production and optimize Food Conversion Ratio (FCR).
  • Water stable and increases the bio-availability of the feed supplements.
  • Ability to bind all form of feed supplements, prebiotics and additives.
  • kJ' and w'fatty acid makes the host healthier by improving digestion.


  • An effective binding agent for pellet feeds
  • Compatible for fish feed & shrimp feed
  • Easily digestible by the animal
  • Improves pellet quality and durability
  • Convenient to handle


Fish/Shrimp Feed: 10 to 15 g f kg or as recommended by an Aquaculture Expert Shelf life: 24 months

Presentation: 1 kg & 5 kg HDPE Jar