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The Complete Feed for Shrimp Larvae and PL


CV Artemia Capsules are composed of first quality Artemia cysts. The Artemia cysts have been opened and their content extracted (the content of the cyst can be called the embryo of the egg). The extracted embryo is processed with the most modern techniques which guarantee the total preservation of the unique nutritional qualities of the Artemia cyst. Final step is the micro encapsulation of the product, giving a water stable capsule that is very attractive to all shrimp larval stages.


Artemia cysts, fish gelatine, squid meal, hydrogenated vegetable fat, soy lecithin, micro-algae


Moisture                    8 %             

Crude protein          50 %           

Crude fat                    13.5 %       

Crude ash                  8 %             

Crude fibre                3 %             

Total sodium             1.5 %         

Total Phosphorus      1 %             

Total Calcium            0.5 %         

Vitamin A                   22.000 IU/kg

Vitamin C                   750 ppm

Vitamin D3                 1760 IU/kg

Vitamin E                    250 ppm

(n-3)HUFA                 15 mg/g

DHA                              6 mg/g

EPA                               8 mg/g


Small:            Zoea 3 and Mysis stages

Medium:         PL1 – PL12 stages

Large:            Above PL 12 stages


Mix the required amount with clean water, then spread all over the tank surface. Use the same quantities as artemia cysts multiplied by the hatching percentage. Feed at least 6 times per day. Adjust to local conditions. At first usage, it is recommended to replace 25% of the artemia. When you have developed confidence in the product, you may replace 50% of the artemia. You can even go beyond that.

To give an example:

Assume that you are using 5 kg artemia of 80% hatchability.

First step is replacing 25 %.

Replace 0.25 x 5 kg is 1.25 kg artemia with 1.25 x 0.8 (hatching %) = 1 Kg ARTEGOLD.

If hatching percentage was only 70 %, the calculation would be:

1.25 kg artemia to be replaced with 1.25 x 0.7= 0.875 kg ARTEGOLD


500 g cans with 12 cans per carton