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An Eco-Friendly Solution Optimizing Soil & Pond Hygiene with Proven Probiotic Solution for Intensive Shrimp, Prawn & Fish Farming


BACITOX is an optimized & concentrated blend of select non-pathogenic pure microbial cultures supplemented with nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria supported with a highly compatible base which produce large amounts of digestive enzymes to degrade sludge effectively and improve the performance and survivability of Shrimps, Prawns & Fish and make aquaculture ponds more hygienic for better productivity.

BACITOX provides stable and adequate quantities of Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus polymyxa, Bacillus pumilus, Lactobacillus sporogenes, Nitrifying & Denitrifying bacteria, Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter & Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Bacillus spp

•             Bacillus subtilis during their growth process produce many enzymes like Amylases, Proteases and Lipases etc. and forms a symbiotic relationship with the hosts in the slime layers of fish / prawns. It also helps in the decomposition of excess & waste organic matter and suppresses the growth of undesirable microbes in the pond and on the host besides having an activity inside the gut. It also helps in the process of denitrification & converting Nitrates into Oxygen and Nitrogen.

•             Bacillus megaterium are fast growing bacteria & produce many digestive exo-enzymes into the environment. It decomposes the waste &excess organic matter in the pond and thereby helps to keep the water clean. It is also known to produce substances inhibiting the growth of undesirable bacteria, especially Vibrio spp., & for its ability to solubilise phosphates.

•             Bacillus licheniformis is known to produce antibiotic like Bacitracin, which suppress the growth of undesirable microbes & is very useful in degrading excess organic matter in the pond & also waste materials like sediments & chitinous exoskeletons of the shrimps, because of its ability to produce the enzyme Keratinase.

•             Bacillus polymyxa produces large quantities of Amylases and other enzymes to digest many types of carbohydrates, proteins & fats in aquatic environment besides being helpful in degrading diverse organic waste materials and solubilizing phosphates. It is known to produce antibiotics like polymyxin, which suppresses the growth of pathogens.

•             Bacillus pumilis like other bacilli it also produces many enzymes. It is specifically used for its ability to suppress the growth of molds/fungus. It also degrades waste organic matter &sediments in the pond which enables to keep the water clean


Use toxic ammonia as an energy source & found most often in soil. They are lithotrophic & aerobic. These organisms form colonies wherever their needs are satisfied, and they must have adequate supply of oxygen passing as well as the ammonia that is their energy source.


Nitrobacter is always present in the soil universally wherever Nitrosomonas is present. Nitrobacter further oxidizes nitrite which is a by-product of Nitrosomonas and coverts it into Nitrate, which is then available to plants as nutrient.

Thus both Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter together remove the toxic Ammonia from the pond water and keep it clean.

BACITOX is a combination of well tested probiotic pond cleaners and is a unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria that removes the algae's primary source of food, nitrogen from the water. This drastic reduction in nitrogen concentration makes it difficult for the algae to bloom.

BACITOX works in the entire water column, as well as in the bottom sludge layers, to digest any organic generated by animal and plant life in the pond. The cultures are safe for humans, plants, animals, birds and the environment.


  • Removes existing algae and prevents new growth.
  • Breaks down organic and faecal wastes in the water
  • Clarifies water and improves the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
  • Eliminates noxious, ammonia and organic odors caused by algae, fish waste, leaves etc
  • Biologically supports a healthy immune system and increases resistance to Pathogens and parasites
  • Enhances uptake of nutrients
  • Reduces larvae of water breeding insects like flies and mosquitoes
  • Completely safe for humans, animals fish and aquatic plant life


The principal mechanism is Bio-Augmentation, which is the controlled addition of selected microorganisms into a specific environment to carry out a defined objective. Therefore it is a biotechnological process in which bacteria are isolated from soil and water samples and tested in-vitro for their ability to degrade complex organic compounds. The useful strains are grown and blended at a commercial scale for application to specific degradation problems. The consortium of bacteria will typically contain a number of species which have been selected and combined to degrade target organic compounds







                             SHRIMP STOCKING DENSITY



  < 10 PL / sp. m Black Tiger (or)


  < 30 PL / sq. m Vannamei


  >10 PL / sp. m Black Tiger (or)


  > 30 PL / sq. m Vannamei



  5 – 7 days before stocking


  Every 10 – 15 days after stocking


  1 – 1.5 Kg per acre


  600 g – 1 Kg per acre



  1.5 – 2 Kg per acre


  1 – 1.5 Kg per acre


For Fish Ponds                                  : 150 to 200 gm per acre

For Shrimp & Fish hatchery            : 50 to 70 gm per Ton of Water

Or as recommended by an Aquaculture Expert / Consultant

(The application of probiotics may be stopped 10 days before harvesting.)



500 gm & 1 Kg HDPE pouch